The artist behind 7°N designs is Candis Jesus.

Candis worked as a nail tech for exclusive boutiques for a decade.

During this time, she gained exposure to the highest quality polishes, gels, and embellishments for nails.

As a painter specializing is abstract impressionism, Candis decided to evolve the artform, applying unconventional and complex artistry to her clients, making nail art that blended her love for painting with her flair for cosmetology.

Candis came to a crossroads when she realized that conventional nail techniques had become static in the industry.

She also discovered that her clients wanted variety and the flexibility to change styles regularly without spending hours at the nail salon.

7°N was born out of a need to turn nail art into jewelry that can be enjoyed with multiple uses.

The name “7°N” comes from the Seventh Chakra known as the “Crown Chakra”. This chakra disperses the universal energy or life force into the six other Chakras below it.

Every 7°N piece is designed as the perfect complement to the body, like a crown jewel.